Where familiarity meets novelty.

Comfort meets curiosity.

And old friends meet new.

With permission granted to try new things,

Grand Rapids Dinner Club brings people together 

in the spirit of good food and gumption. 

Looking for a new way to experience 

the food scene in Grand Rapids? 

Look no further than Dinner Club, 

hosted by Goodfellows Creative. 

Partnering with local chefs and caterers

at a new venue each month, 

we'll focus on what good food stirs in us all:

meaningful dialogue, a sense of community,

and deep gratitude for more than

what's on the plate — but who's at the table. 

Be a part of the founding cohort and 

join me at the launch of this labor of love,

designed for guests to leave inspired 

and fully satisfied: heart, mind and belly.

Chef or venue owner/manager? If you'd like to chat more about partnerships, chartreuse, cheese or exposed brick (or just about anything food- or design-related), please reach out! Excited to see what collaborations ensue. 

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