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Transparency matters, and I want you to get to know me – for real. 

Here's your first glimpse at what matters to me and what informs my worldview. Any other questions (within reason, folks), just ask! 


Let's jump in.


(Alternative title: FAQs)

Ask me (almost) Anything

What's the randomest thing you've done professionally?
Who do you admire most?
grad school: overrated?
are you available for speaking opportunities? 
where are you from?
east coast or west coast?
coke or pepsi?
backstreet boys or n'sync?
favorite quote?
true or false: no white after labor day.
do you believe in magic?
what is the most important trait for success?
Will robots take over the world?
are you up for mentorship opportunities? 
Who run the world? 



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